Tuition & Financing

We believe that financing should not get in the way of education.
That is why we offer various payment options, including pay after you get a job.

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Full Tuition

Full Tuition

Our prices are among the lowest in the country for technology schools of our caliber and paying upfront for tuition means avoiding interest rates from outside lenders.

Pay Upfront Discount

Receive a 5% discount by paying the full tuition 30 days prior to course start. For our bootcamp courses this means that you can save $500!

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Loan Programs

Burlington Code Academy partners with Ascent so you can access simple, honest loans for tuition. You'll know everything about your financing before you apply. Ascent offers fixed interest rates, no prepayment fees, and a free repayment calculator so you can budget for your loan from start to finish.

What to Expect

  • Know your rate and monthly repayment before you apply
  • One upfront interest rate for all students
  • Low, interest-only payments
  • Application that takes less than ten minutes to complete
  • Receive a credit decision in minutes
  • Pay Upfront Discount

    36- and 60-month payment terms with interest-only or deferment options while you’re in school. Interest rates depending on the selected financing terms. Try the loan calculator and apply online!

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    Income Share Agreements

    We believe that financing should not be the roadblock to a life-changing education. Our goal with offering Income Share Agreements (ISAs) is to remove the financial barrier for students of all backgrounds by giving them the opportunity to attend Burlington Code Academy without high, up-front payments.

    We Invest In Your Success

    The Burlington Code Academy Income Share Agreement (ISA) lets you attend the Software Development Bootcamp and begin paying for the course tuition only after you get a job that meets the minimum income requirements.

    Learn First, Pay Later

    To enroll in the Software Development Bootcamp, you only need to pay the $500 down payment. After that, you pay monthly installments when you're earning at least $35,000 per year.

    Manageable Payments

    When you land a job that meets the minimum income threshold ($35,000), you will pay 8% of your gross monthly income for 24 months, or until the payment cap is met.

    Payment Cap

    When you enter into the income share agreement, you will never pay more than 1.5x the cost of the program. Even at this price, we are amongst the most affordable code schools in the country.

    Career Services

    Getting a job isn't easy. It often requires more than technical know-how. We provide professional career support throughout the bootcamp to help you navigate your path to a career you love.

    Who is Eligible

    The Burlington Code Academy ISA is currently available to select students attending our online Software Development Bootcamp. Additional eligibility requirements include being a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and being 18 years or older.

    How Payments Work

  • Students make a $500 initial down payment upon enrolling in Burlington Code Academy.
  • After course completion, students will pay 8% of their monthly gross income if the student is earning a yearly gross income of at least $35,000/year.
  • Students have up to 60 months (5 years) to complete the total required monthly payments.
  • You won’t make a payment beyond the $500 up-front payment unless you’re making at least $35,000 per year.
  • Students’ ISA balance is waived after 5 years if they did not earn at least the minimum monthly income and therefore were not required to make the total required payments. Payments are not required during months when students’ income is below the minimum income threshold.
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