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Software Development Bootcamp

Challenge yourself in our immersive coding bootcamp and prepare for a career in one of America's fastest growing industries.

Land Your First Design Role

Our course’s stats speak for themselves.

Employment Rate

Among job-seeking Software Development Bootcamp students in the most recent 2020 Outcome Report*.

Increase in Wages

Average for 80% of job-seeking Software Development Bootcamp graduates who reported wages according to the 2020 Outcome Report*.

Hiring Partners

We partner with growing companies to help our graduates connect with employers that are interested in hiring our students.

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Build Your Future

Our Software Development Bootcamp is a proven path to becoming an employable coder. We are committed to teaching students not only how to code, but how to think like a programmer, emphasizing the social aspects of coding and how to work on a team.

Results Driven

We measure learning outcomes and track student job placement. Our most recent 2020 Outcomes Report details a 91% employment rate for job-seeking graduates.

Project-Based Learning

Individual and team-based projects prepare you to work in a real development environment. Create work to build your portfolio and impress your future boss.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

We teach JavaScript, the most widely used programming language in the world. Our curriculum teaches only the most in-demand and innovative technologies.

Expert Instructors

Our expert instructors guide your learning, providing you the opportunity to ask questions, collaborate with others and have a personalized learning experience.

Graduated Burlington Code Academy student

"Burlington Code Academy gave me the foundational skills and professional support I needed to start a new career as a software developer. I’m extremely appreciative of the experience and excited for the path ahead!"

– Mike Felix
Software Developer at Future Foundry

Opportunities Outside The Classroom

We bring your learning experience beyond the classroom and into the real world by providing you with opportunities to network with employers, work with real clients during your capstone projects, and meet experts in the field.

Network With Employers

From lunch and learns to community events, we give you the opportunity to market yourself to employers.

Work With Real Clients

Your capstone project will be sponsored by a client from a real company or organization that has a design problem for you to solve.

Meet Industry Experts

Having a mentor will increase your likelihood of success so we help connect you with industry professionals.

What You Will Learn

Over the course of 12 weeks you will learn how to build, test and deploy software applications using JavaScript on the client- and server-side of an application (front-end + back-end).

Front-End Development

Take a deep dive into front-end web design with HTML and CSS while learning interface design as well as programming fundamentals with JavaScript.

Client-Side Programming

Learn the data structures, coding patterns, and libraries that enable client-side coding in web pages. Leverage third-party APIs, such as Google and Facebook.

Application Frameworks

Master web frameworks, such as React, to make building complex user interfaces easier by breaking them up into smaller, functional components.

Server-Side Coding

Create self-contained server-side web applications using NodeJS and Express. Deploy it to the cloud, pass state from the client to the server and back again.


Gain a solid understanding of concepts common to all databases, using MongoDB for illustration and practical examples of a document (NoSQL) DB.

Product Management

Becoming a software developer means understanding the product development lifecycle. Learn Agile Development, QA, User Experience and more.

Curriculum Overview

Programming Fundamentals

In the first few weeks you will learn the basics of web design, user experience, and front-end web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will also learn how to work with terminal commands, GitHub, text editors, and take a deep dive into programming with JavaScript. The following weeks will focus on DOM manipulation, layout, structure and solidify what you learn through weekly projects.

Software Development

The middle of the course will teach you the software development concepts and practices used in the industry; you will become familiar and comfortable with building full-stack web applications. This unit focuses on more powerful front-end software such as React.js and Leaflet. You will also learn back-end software development using API’s, Express to build servers and MongoDB for database integration. In the last week, you will have finished your portfolio site, a place to showcase all of the projects that you have completed thus far.

WEEKS 9-12
Client Projects

This is where you will build, think, and work in a real development environment. The final project will be developed with a team of your peers and will provide an in-depth understanding of DevOps, how to work in an Agile project cycle, and refine the skills that you learned in class as well as a chance to explore the technologies that you are interested in pursuing post-graduation.

Work with Real Clients

Every student in the Software Development Bootcamp works with a real client. Students in the Software Development Bootcamp built Park Burlington, a web application featuring an interactive map that shows parking availability in Burlington, VT. Students worked with clients from the Burlington Business Association and the Department of Public Works.

Burlington Parking Capstone Project Interface
  Complete Your Work Portfolio
  Collaborate in a Real Dev Environment
 Complete a Company Capstone
 Showcase Your Work To Employers

Unlimited Career Support

Until You Land a Job

All students in our Software Development Bootcamp have the option to work with a dedicated career coach. You will work with a coach to refine your interviewing skills, build your professional image, and prepare for your new career.

The course also includes weekly career workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions as well as networking opportunities and introductions to employers.

Burlington Code Academy students working
  Weekly Career Workshops
  1:1 Career Coaching
 Network With Hiring Partners
 Unlimited Post-Graduate Support

Tuition, Grants & Scholarships


After $500 Deposit

We don't want financing to get in the way of your new career. Let us know if you need tuition assistance and we will find a solution that works for you!

Up to $7,000

In Grants & Scholarships

Nearly 55% of learners receive grants & scholarships to cover the cost of their tuition.

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Financing Your Share of the Tuition


Pay The Rest After You're Hired!

Available for qualifying participants. You can apply for a loan through our partner, Ascent. Use the Budgeting Calculator to design a plan that works best for you.

$0 Down

Pay After You're Hired

Pay back your tuition in manageable monthly installments only once you’ve landed a job making $35,000 per year or more. See how you can access the Income Share Agreement program.


Pay In Installments

0% interest with 12 month payment plan using EdAid. Payments due at the beginning of each month.

Burlington Code Academy ISA: Pay When You Get a Job

Our Software Development Bootcamp is a proven path to becoming an employable coder. We are committed to teaching students not only how to code, but how to think like a programmer, emphasizing the social aspects of coding and how to work on a team.

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