Outcomes Report: 2018-2021

For five years, Upright Education has helped students integrate into a high-demand, high-growth industry, providing sustainability, career growth, and salary increases for people all across the country.

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Outcomes Highlights

We are pleased to share our most recent 2018 - 2021 Outcomes Report. The data presented are for students who graduated from Upright Education’s Software Development Bootcamp and UX/UI Design Bootcamps between June 2018 and December 2021.


Overall Graduation Rate

For Bootcamp Enrollees


Overall Placement Rate

For Job-Seeking Bootcamp Grads


Salary Increase

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Median Base Salary

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Report Summary

UX/UI Outcomes

Our UX/UI program has achieved an astounding 100% graduation rate, followed by a placement rate of 92.3%. The average time it took for graduates to gain employment was 150 days, where they saw a 30.75% ($12,300) increase in their salaries from the new positions they received after graduating from our bootcamp. The top job titles for our UX/UI grads are UX Designer, Jr. UX/UI Designer, UX/UI Designer, and Strategic Account Manager.

Software Development Outcomes

We saw another excellent graduation rate, with 96% of Software Development students graduating from the program and a placement rate of 91% of graduates. Our Software Development graduates also saw a significant increase in annual salary, where they reported a 37.5% ($15,000) increase in their wages with their new jobs after attending our bootcamp! They gained employment as Software Engineers, Web Developers, Software Support Specialists, Front- End Developers, and much more.

Overall Outcomes

Overall for the organization, Upright Education has a 97% graduation rate and a 92% placement rate among both programs and all graduates. The average salary increase was $15,000 for grads receiving new positions!

The 97% graduation rate and 92% placement rate demonstrate the robust quality of our programs and that our students graduate with the skills and credentials they need to succeed. A $15,000 increase in annual salary on average shows these programs are making a significant difference in the lives of our graduates, which hopefully will only continue to grow from here. We look forward to continued growth while providing the same stellar results that impact the lives of those we teach, coach, and support daily.

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Transparency, accuracy, and integrity in the outcomes of Upright Education’s Career Accelerator Bootcamp programs are vital to our organization. In this report, you will find compelling outcomes data that speaks to the hard work of our students and the competitiveness of our programs.