April 6, 2020

What is User Experience (UX) Design?



What is UX Design|students learning user experience design

User experience (UX) is the way that a person feels when interacting with a system, service or product. The name of the game with UX design is making the product functional and practical while maintaining a subtle but pleasing visual style. UX plays heavily upon cognitive psychology which dictates positive or negative reactions. While the term is new, the concept of UX has been around for decades. Many people feel that Walt Disney was one of the first UX designers because of his obsession with the guest’s experience. However, Don Norman is credited with coining the term “user experience”. The term first appeared in Norman’s acclaimed book, The Design of Everyday Things, which was published in 1988.

What is User Interface (UI) Design?

User Interface (UI) Design is a component of UX. It is anything that the user interacts with when using a product. This can range from software and other digital solutions  to voice-controlled technology. The aim of perfecting a UI is to create a seamless connection between the product and its interface with the user. For example, if you were in a high-end restaurant, everything you see—tables, chairs, flatware, artwork, server uniforms—is the user interface of the establishment.

UX vs. UI: What’s the Difference?

In essence, UX is about the person’s experience while using a product, whereas UI focuses on the specific component  that the user interacts with. If we look at an iPhone, the phone itself with its brand-specific features such as portrait mode, would be the UI, and the UX would be how users interact with the phone and how this e makes them feel. In Burlington Code Academy’s  UX Design Bootcamp, students learn both UX and UI design.

Why Should UX Matter to Me?

If you’ve ever bought something online or used a mobile device, you’ve experienced UX design. Even the most basic of interfaces need good UX design to appeal to consumers; good UX enhances a user’s feelings about a product and reflects positively upon the company behind the design. A great example of high-quality UX is Tesla: as a brand, they are known for having a sleek design, and an interior that transports the rider into the future. The massive touch screen, with an incredibly accurate map provides users a unique, and ‘progressive’ experience. As well as providing seamless integration between technology and comfort. In their case, UX is what gives the Tesla user a heightened impression of the vehicle.

So, Why Am I Just Now Hearing About UX?

The concept of UX is still relatively new; the term “user experience” was only coined in 1988 and has changed a lot since then. However, since companies have figured out the value of understanding UX, they are more interested in hiring people who have been trained on the skill. Taking a UX design course can enhance your knowledge and strengthen your skills in one of the most influential fields of technology. Classes like the ones we offer at Burlington Code Academy are an effective, fun and innovative way to learn UX because they are taught in an immersive style by UX professionals who have real-world experience within the field. At Burlington Code Academy, each day in the UX Design Bootcamp features interactive lessons that take students from a foundational level up to the point where they are collaborating with peers, becoming more familiar with their new skills. Throughout this, the students build their portfolio by working on teams with real organizations to explore UX concepts in the field and help solve real issues.

Can I learn More About UX Design?

If you are interested in expanding your UX knowledge and skills, Burlington Code Academy, one of Vermont’s premier technology education centers, offers two different courses on the subject that are geared towards seasoned professionals and newcomers alike. Our program maximizes your education by focusing on experiential learning—no dry lectures or pointless papers here. To begin your UX education, visit our website, join some free workshops, and enroll for one of our unique classes or bootcamps.

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