May 19, 2020

VSAC grants for BCA students



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Who is VSAC?

Vermont residents have access to natural beauty year round making Vermont a dreamy place to reside. In addition to the natural pleasantries of living in the beautiful Green Mountain state, Vermont residents now have access to grants from the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) to help  cover the cost of their Burlington Code Academy tuition. VSAC’s mission is “to ensure Vermont students and families have the information, assistance, and financial aid to achieve their goals for college and beyond.” Here at Burlington Code Academy, we know that our programs’ success is possible due to VSAC’s personalized financial assistance support from Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) counselors.

How do EOC counselors help Burlington Code Academy students?

By working with EOC Counselors, Burlington Code Academy students are supported to ensure  their application is filled out correctly and all grant opportunities they qualify for are properly applied to their tuition. EOC Counselors work with students to give them the personalized help they need by finding grant opportunities that students might not have been aware of.

To date, VSAC has given BCA students over $100,000 in tuition grants.

VSAC encourages those interested in our Software Development and UX Design programs (both part-time and full-time courses) to work with an EOC counselor to ease the application and financial assistance process, making your enrollment process that much easier.

What are my options?

Source: VSAC website

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