April 5, 2021

Vermont Returnship Grant



Vermont Returnship Grant

Burlington Code Academy students now have access to grants provided by the Associates for Training & Development.

Eligibility: This program is accessible to any Vermonter with significant workplace experience; it does not have the eligibility restrictions commonly seen in other workforce development projects, such as age, income, or employment status. The program is exclusive to Vermont residents and available statewide. There is no cost to participate. 

Award amount: Up to $1,500

To Qualify for Grant: To find out if you qualify for this opportunity, call or email the BCA admissions team and ask about the Vermont Returnship Grant:

  • Email: admissions@burlingtoncodeacademy.com
  • Phone: +1 (802) 393-8386

OR, Apply to a Burlington Code Academy course and ask about the Vermont Returnship Grant in your application.

More about the Vermont Returnship Program:

The Vermont Returnship Program is an innovative project designed to leverage Vermont’s experienced workers and pair them with businesses that seek top talent. A “returnship” is a position similar to an internship, designed specifically for adults with previous experience in the workplace who have taken time away from their careers and seek to reenter the workforce. The program is operated by Associates for Training and Development (A4TD), a locally based nonprofit that operates across the northeast. This new program offers:

  • Paid internships for experienced workers (“returnships”) at local businesses, positioning them for hire 
  • Assistance with the job search process (referrals to openings, assistance with applications, direct connections with hiring businesses) 
  • Assistance paying the cost of professional development, such as tuition, workshop fees, testing fees, etc. 
  • Career counseling & job coaching
  • Case management services (skills assessments, advocacy, referrals to partners, etc.).     

A4TD, a private non-profit corporation headquartered in St. Albans, operates statewide in Vermont and in 5 states across the northeast. A4TD has a 35-year history of workforce development and training program administration.

To learn more about the Vermont Returnship Program, visit www.a4td.org