November 30, 2020

Top 5 Free (And Best) UX Classes



Free UX Design Classes|||||

Interested in UX design? Trust us, there’s a class for that.

As educators here at Burlington Code Academy, we’re all about championing your drive to learn something new. Learning doesn’t just stop in the traditional school setting—now more than ever it’s easier to pick up career-changing skills at any point in your life through bootcamps like Burlington Code Academy, adult community classes, and even free virtual courses.

If you’re just starting out with UX design and want to know what it’s really all about, taking a free and quick course is a great way to decide if the UX life is really for you. Here are our top five picks for free UX classes you can easily start today. 

5. Invision Principles of UX Design

Have you heard of Invision? We can’t help but think it’s one of the coolest tools around for designers (we’ll try not to geek out about it). Invision is a product design tool that allows you to prototype websites and apps as well as test out other projects you’ve been tirelessly working on. In addition to their main functionality, they also have a great list of free and really informative classes such as their Principles of UX Design course. In a beginner-friendly course list, Invision will give you the real basics of what you need to know about UX.

4. General Assembly Coding Livestreams

In an interesting deviation from pre-recorded videos and ebooks, General Assembly offers free live streams that you can tune into every week on coding basics. They’ve done multiple live streams on UX Design in particular, such as essential intro classes and classes discussing how to have a career as a UX designer. You can visit their website and sign up for the classes that best fit your calendar (don’t worry, if you can’t come to one because of your schedule, they’ll always have more).

3. Hack Design UX Classes

This course is another really unique one. Not only do they have 50 free lessons online developed by their industry professionals, you can sign up for their non-intrusive mailing list and get a free, new design lesson every week. Even for a seasoned professional, the idea of getting free and useful lessons in your inbox every week is too cool to pass up. Not only are you getting valuable information, your mind stays fresh and alert with continuous opportunities to learn. We think we might sign up for this one ourselves!

2. Skillshare UX and UI Class Portfolio

There’s a reason many of us now know the name “Skillshare.” Skillshare has hundreds of solid, industry-leading free classes from trusted sources. In the world of UX and UI, Skillshare actually has a large gallery of video classes you can take at your own pace. They have classes for beginners and even masterclasses. A few we really like in their collection include Intro to UX: Designing with a User-Centered Approach and Personas: Improve Your UX With Human-Centered Design.

1. Udacity: Product Design by Google

It’s not every day you get to learn from Google professionals, especially for free. This course runs for two months and teaches you the basics of product validation, UX and UI design, Google’s Design Sprint, and the process for setting and tracking actionable metrics. Included in the course are a student support community, accessible quizzes, and completely self-paced learning. For a student looking to see what true professionals have to say about the ins and outs of UX—and wants a “tradition” class structure—this is the top pick for a free and informative course. 

In a pinch, these free courses can offer you the starting out information you need to learn more about UX. Yet they’re only the beginning.

In an ever expanding field, there’s so much we can all learn about UX every single day. To really go in depth and start your career as a UX designer, Burlington Code Academy can help you start your coding journey through our intensive and professional classes. Check out our UX Boot Camp or our UX Design After Hours courses to really take the deep dive into the incredibly vast world of UX. You’re always welcome in our classroom. 

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