April 15, 2020

The Benefits of Learning UX Design



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Why Should I Take A UX Design Course?

Since there is a growing need for UX practitioners as the world becomes more automated, there has never been a better time to learn UX. Burlington Code Academy’s new UX Design Bootcamp covers all aspects of the field. From the fundamentals of user research, developing core problem-solving skills, conveying meaning through visuals all the way to producing foundational documents and designs. Taking this course equips students with a competitive edge because they learn a thorough understanding of how to make a product’s experience more appealing to consumers.

Who Should Learn UX?

The short answer is everyone. Today’s consumers may not all understand the specifics of UX design, but they do know when they like or dislike the experience of interacting with a product or service.The long answer is anyone with an interest in design and its importance to the technology we interact with constantly. BCA’s program is geared toward teaching students essential skills that all businesses need. There are four main categories our student fall into:

  • Career Switchers: If you feel like you’re missing something in your current career, or just want a fresh start in a booming industry, taking the UX Design Bootcamp will provide you with the skills to launch into a new future.
  • Career Advancers: These are the people who are already working in a field they love, but want to dive deeper. Learning UX design from BCA gives you a leg up in your current career. UX Design truly complements any role. The edge gained from having an understanding of UX Design as a marketer, architect, interior designer, etc is valuable for any employee. This course teaches students a new set of skills that are growing more valuable by the day, making graduates of the program more valuable in the workplace.
  • Recent Grads: So, you’ve graduated from college, but you don’t know what your next step is. Continuing your education with the UX Design Bootcamp helps you navigate the industry and develop your skills, so you are more appealing to prospective employers.
  • Entrepreneurs: Beginning your own business is costly and draining. But by taking a UX design course, you learn how to make your enterprise as appealing and intuitive to consumers as possible with a bonus of not needing to hire a trained specialist, because you will be the specialist!

What Makes BCA’s Program Unique?

The UX Design Bootcamp is a career-focused program that partners with real companies to provide the students with real world UX design experience prior to launching their career. Aside from technological skills, students in the course undergo industry preparation ranging from building a portfolio, in which they will house their real world UX project, to getting interview training and learning compensation negotiation. Especially in Vermont, being able to utilize UX design is a major selling point for employers because the state’s rural market makes the field even more competitive.One of the most valuable features of taking a class at BCA is our Career Workshop Programming, which emphasizes career success and provides valuable information about how to work as a modern professional. Taught by an acclaimed career coach, these sessions are perfect for anyone looking to grow as an individual and part of a larger working community.

How Can I Start?

We’re glad you asked! You should start your UX design adventure with Burlington Code Academy by requesting syllabus on our website or by reaching out to one Burlington Code Academy co-founder and COO, Alex Horner via email at ahorner@burlingtoncodeacademy.com.

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