June 8, 2020

Summer 2019 Outcomes Report



2019 outcomes report graphic

We are so proud of our cohort-2 graduates and their accomplishments. Here is a quick report to shine light on their success.

Addressable Population

The addressable population of 12 students is the number of students who completed the Web Development Bootcamp during the dates of June 3nd, 2019 to August 23rd, 2019.

Employment Outcomes

Of 12 total addressable students:

  • 8 students (66.66%) determined they were career-seeking upon course completion.
  • 4 students (33.33%) determined they were not-career seeking upon course completion.

Of the students who have opted out of or were not job-seeking, 2 were not job-seeking to pursue further higher education programs, such as Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, 1 was unresponsive to outreach from our Admissions team, and 1 chose to pursue a non-software engineering role.

Job Structure – 87.5% Placement Rate of Career Seeking Graduates

Of the 8 students who were career seeking upon course completion:

  • 4 students (50%) accepted a full-time salaried role
  • 3 students (37.5%) accepted a full-time apprenticeship, internship, or contract position
  • 1 student (12.5%) is still career seeking.

Compensation – Average Salary Compensation: $52,000

Of the 7 students who accepted offers, compensation data was provided for 7 (100%) of them.

  • Average salary for full-time salaried role was $52,000
  • Average pay for a full-time contract, internship, apprenticeship, or freelance role was $25 per hour.


Of the 7 students who accepted paid offers:

  • 2 (28.57%) were Junior Software Developers
  • 1 (14.29%) was a Software Development Teaching Assistant
  • 1 (14.29%) was an Account Coordinator
  • 1 (14.29%) wad a Support Representative
  • 1 (14.29%) was an SEO Specialist
  • 1 (14.29%) was a Support Analyst

Time until Placement

Of the 7 students who accepted offers,

  • 2 (28.57%) students accepted offers within under 1 month of graduation
  • 1 (14.29%) students accepted offers between 1-3 months after graduation
  • 4 (57.14%) students accepted offers between 3-6 months after graduation

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