May 27, 2020

Now Offering Online Learning



Woman outside learning from home

As we have all seen, COVID-19 has brought an era of uncertainty to the world we live in. As people’s daily lives are changing, we have strived to offer connection and consistency to our community. The bootcamp industry has not been exempt from this worldwide shift; when faced with the challenge of how Burlington Code Academy would manage to uphold the quality of our in-person software development and UX Design bootcamps, we chose not to cancel. We adapted quickly and began offering our courses online so that we could continue to provide the life changing education that we have been since 2017.

When we made the decision to move all of our bootcamps online, we were in the middle of our fourth Software Development cohort. 17 students who had committed 12-weeks of their lives to become career ready full-stack developers made the transition with us. They handled this change with grace, patience and determination. From there, the students not only managed the transition, they found benefits in it too. The student's shared that they felt even more supported by the TA’s once they went remote because they were able to jump into online support channels and get immediate one-on-one assistance. They also reported that having lessons recorded was extremely beneficial, as it let them go back to lessons that they needed review on. These are just some of the benefits our local students experienced; offering online educational programming means that you don’t have to be a local Vermonter or make the move here to receive our programming.

Remote learning opens the door to Burlington Code Academy’s classroom no matter where the student is physically, allowing people to learn with us who, prior to online learning, wouldn’t have been able to make the commute to Burlington. Now, our students can be local residents, or from a different county, state, or even country!

At BCA we are committed to make our online programming as similar to our in person courses as possible. To provide this experience, our students are asked to join into their Zoom classroom at 9 AM EST and begin their day by seeing their instructor and classmates face to face. Students should behave as they would in an in person classroom setting--asking questions, taking breaks during allotted time slots and working with partners and in groups.  This collaborative learning is important as it provides the opportunity for the students to become familiar working with teams to decipher and generate code, just like in the ‘real world’. The students will be invited to attend remote social hours in which they will get to know each other and the staff over games, beverages and general social exchange during which our staff and students form genuine friendships.

Our curriculum is proven to prepare students for gainful careers as developers. Our alumni employment rate averages at 87% with an average starting salary of $60,000. With figures like this, it is no surprise that our alumni stay active in our community and are excited to share their experiences with current cohorts. Our alumni have gone on to do great things, and we know you will too.

To learn more about Burlington Code Academy and our new online programing check out our website, or contact our admissions team by emailing Alex Horner, COO at or Sadie Goldfarb, Community Coordinator at We are here to answer any and all questions. This is your chance to redefine your future, let us help!

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