August 20, 2020

Meet Erin: Developer, Demo Day Presenter & All Around Rockstar




Erin Soggs is among the BCA Software Development students presenting their Capstone Project Demonstrations today during their Demo Day event! Not only is Erin a fantastic bootcamp student and key team member, she is well on her way to breaking into the tech industry in a major way. During her time at BCA, Erin has leveled up in both front and back end development, Javascript, HTML, CSS and more. In addition to honing her technical skills, Erin has worked with peers and career mentors alike to gain industry insight, hone her team working skills and perfect her professional toolkit. You can connect with Erin here!

Erin’s Project:

Erin’s Capstone group took on the task of working with No Waste Compost, a local company whose mission is to make an affordable and responsible composting service for all of Vermont. Erin’s team took on the task of integrating multiple third party applications into a single consolidated database. They created a new database, integrated payment processing and SMS, and developed a new front end featuring user and administrator dashboards. There is so much more to this project than we can capture in words, so we invite you all to join us for their virtual project demonstration TODAY at 4:00pm. Erin and her peers will take to their screens to show us the final product of all their hard work and flex their new skills to prospective employers. 

We encourage you to join us in ushering the next era of BCA bred tech talent into the workforce and hope to (virtually) see you there!

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