August 27, 2020

Meet Alex: UX Designer & Demo Day Presenter



Alex Holder

We sat down with UX Design Student Alex Holder and asked him what exactly his time at BCA has meant to him:

Who am I?

I’m a proactive, team-centered UX Designer who has a background in Marketing. I can code enough to be dangerous. I’m a Certified Scrum Master. I tend to wear a lot of hats in whatever role I’m in. I’m always the guy with the idea, both at work and after-hours. 

What has BCA given me?

I’m a lifelong learner. BCA has given me the skills to practice my passion, UX Design. This experience has added a new dimension to my creativity. I have an aesthetic built from my photography but building websites has reignited my love of art. I can spend hours playing with different shapes and concepts. Playing in Figma is my favorite!
In addition to UI side, BCA has taught me User Research. Over 12 weeks, we’ve practiced both qualitative & quantitative research and delivered those findings to real clients. The research side of UX informs our design and keeps us focused on the user. When I see job requirements, it feels good to know I’ve got experience with what companies are looking for.

Alex & his team invite you to join us at the first-ever UX Demo Day TODAY at 4:00pm -- check out the incredible Capstone Projects these individuals have been crafting and help us to celebrate all the hard work our students have put in!

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