July 22, 2021

Inside the Software Development Bootcamp




Is a Coding Bootcamp for you?

Burlington Code Academy’s Software Development Bootcamp is a 12-week, full-time course designed to bring adults with little-to-no experience in software development to the point where they are capable of landing an entry-level position as a programmer or web developer.Experience in coding is not a requirement, and there is no one-size-fits-all type of person who attends a coding bootcamp. BCA students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, however, there are a few common denominators that we look for in applicants, including a strong work ethic and desire to switch careers, a high tolerance for frustration, and the ability to convey complex information and communicate well with others. Does this sound like you?Students attend coding bootcamps for many reasons: perhaps you are unhappy or have hit a ceiling in your current career, or maybe you have discovered a passion for programming through self-study and want to advance your education with professional support. Bootcamps allow you to quickly transition into a new and exciting role in an industry that consistently demonstrates huge growth potential, high starting salaries, and a deeply fulfilling line of work.

Why We Teach JavaScript

BCA’s Software Development Bootcamp focuses on JavaScript, which is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of only three native languages of the web – all of which will be used in this course. Companies big and small, including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Netflix use JavaScript to power pieces of their web applications. This is because JavaScript is the only scripting language that can be used on servers and browsers (front-end + back-end). Including JavaScript in your résumé provides growth opportunities in your career as it continues to find its way into more and more domains.

Our Methodology

At Burlington Code Academy, we do not only teach you how to code, but also how to think like a programmer. Our bootcamps combine a curated curriculum taught by passionate instructors with a unique career-coaching approach, networking opportunities, and the construction of a portfolio featuring software that you build with a real client - all of which contribute to helping you land your first job in tech.

Programming Fundamentals: Weeks 1-4

In the first few weeks, you will learn the basics of web design, user experience, and front-end web development using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You will also learn how to work with terminal commands, GitHub, text editors, and take a deep dive into programming with JavaScript. The following weeks will focus on DOM manipulation, layout, structure, and solidify what you learn through weekly projects.

Full-Stack Software Development: Weeks 5-8

The middle of the course will teach you the software development concepts and practices used in the industry; you will become familiar and comfortable with building full-stack web applications. This unit focuses on more powerful front-end software such as React.js and Leaflet. You will also learn back-end software development using APIs, Express to build servers, and MongoDB for database integration. In the last week, you will have finished your portfolio website, a place to showcase all of the projects that you have completed thus far.

Work with a Real Client: Weeks 9-12

This is where you will build, think, and work in a real development environment. Every Software Development Bootcamp student works with a real client to produce a high-quality portfolio project. You will form a team of peers and pair with an organization that has a problem that you solve with a software solution. By working with a client, you get to experience developing software in an environment that closely resembles a real career setting: interpreting client needs, working in an agile project cycle, time management, and the opportunity to program a piece of software that has the potential to be used in the real world. The clients that BCA pairs students with are often non-profit or mission-driven organizations that do not have the resources or expertise to create something on their own. An example of a student-built project is Park Burlington, a dynamic map that shows available parking in Burlington, Vermont. Clients for this project include the Burlington Business Association and the Department of Public Works. Park BurlingtonStudent Built Interactive Parking MapView Project

Career Development

The Software Development Bootcamp is not all coding. At BCA, you are planning for your future from the very beginning. The career development track is taught and hosted by Burlington Code Academy’s professional career coach and works in tandem with our network of hiring partners and industry experts. In our career track, you can expect to participate in:

Career Coaching

This includes bi-weekly workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions that provide you with a framework to identify your post-bootcamp career goals and a 360-degree strategy to achieve them. One-on-one sessions allow you to curate your resume and create a customized approach to finding employment upon course completion. These sessions provide you with an opportunity to get direct feedback from a career professional and identify open positions that align with your personal values. Our career coach hosts a series of bi-weekly workshops that cover topics ranging from getting into a positive headspace during your career search, to more specific topics such as networking, job interviews, and negotiation.


Each week, you will meet with hiring managers or industry professionals in the form of interactive lunch and learns. These sessions present an opportunity for you to get an in-depth perspective on what skills companies seek in candidates, and build professional relationships with our network of hiring partners.

Demo Day

Demonstrate your competency in software development to the world. At the end of the course, you will show off the culmination of your hard work at Demo Day - a live demonstration of your capstone project delivered to an audience of hiring partners, industry professionals, and your personal network.

Personalized Introductions

Following the completion of your course, you will have access to our Job Board, where BCA staff regularly post available job opportunities sent directly from our hiring partners. We facilitate personal introductions to students interested in these roles and help bypass the "cold resume" approach when applying to jobs.

Career Outcomes and Employment Opportunities 

Taking everything above into consideration, you may be asking yourself, what do I actually get out of this course? Is it possible to transition into a new career so quickly?Burlington Code Academy gathers graduate placement data and regularly produces Outcomes Reports which give an objective insight into a range of graduate career statistics. Looking at the most recent 2020 Outcomes Report, we have found that:

  • 91% of career-seeking graduates gained employment within 180 days of graduation. 
  • There was a 39.7% average increase in starting wages compared to pre-bootcamp wages (which averaged a $14,000 wage increase). 
  • Common starting roles that graduates found employment in were: software engineers, web developers, and various software support roles. 

The Application Process

Before joining a course, we encourage you to do your research! Attending a coding bootcamp is no small commitment, and the BCA admissions team welcomes you to connect with an admissions person directly to answer any questions that you have.

At Burlington Code Academy, we believe finances should not be the primary barrier to receiving the education you deserve, which is why we offer some of the most affordable coding bootcamp tuition pricing in the US. Additionally, BCA offers numerous grant, scholarship, and financing options that can significantly reduce the cost of your tuition and allow you to focus on your education. If everything listed above excites you and you have a desire to enter a career in tech, we invite you to submit an application. Upon doing so, you will be paired with an admissions advisor to help you find a course that fits your schedule, secure available funding, and start your journey towards a new and fulfilling career.