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Top 5 UX Trends for 2021

by Benjamin Boas • November, 24 2020

Wondering what might be coming next in the UX world? Here are the top five trends we think you should be monitoring as we approach 2021.

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Meet the Team: Bob Stauss

The Student Has Become the Teacher  Bob Stauss, 27, alumni of our Software Development Bootcamp, showed such a passion for programming that upon graduation, we hired him onto the crew

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BCA’s 3rd Demo Day

On August 22nd, 2019, Burlington Code Academy hosted it’s 3rd Demo Day at the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies, a night where Web Development Bootcamp students present their capstone projects

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Cohort 3 is Prepping for Demo Day

Ceres Greens Nickolas Castle, Connor McGinnis, Connor Greenbaum, Adam Shappy The Ceres Greens team, made up of Connor Greenbaum, Connor McGinnis, Adam Shappy and Nickolas Castle, has partnered with Ceres

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2018 Outcomes Report

Addressable Population The addressable population of 20 students is the number of students who completed the Web Development Bootcamp during the dates of June 4th, 2018 to August 24th 2018.

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WIOA Grant Opportunity

The workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a federal program associated with the Department of Labor which provides workforce development grants. WIOA focuses on select applicants who are seeking or

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Pathways Scholarship

Pathways Scholarship Students who attend our part-time JavaScript After Hours course are entitled to a $4,000 scholarship, which they can apply to our full-time Software Development Bootcamp. Essentially, this $4,000 scholarship allows

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