April 1, 2021

2020 Outcomes Report



2020 outcomes report
2020 outcomes report

This report documents the career outcomes for students who graduated Burlington Code Academy’s Software Development Bootcamp between January 1st - June 30th, 2020. Data in this report was collected via interviews and surveys with graduates.

Addressable Population

Of the 100% of students who completed the software development bootcamp, 64.7% determined that they were seeking in-field employment within 180 days of graduation. 35.3% did not intend to seek in-field employment for reasons including: continuing to further education, attended the course for self-enrichment, or other personal reasons.

Employment Outcomes: 91% Placement Rate

Of the 64.7% of graduates who determined that they were career seeking, 91% of them gained employment within 180 days of graduation:

  • 54.5% obtained full-time employment. 
  • 18.2% received a Short-term contract, part-time position, or freelance position. 
  • 18.2% reported starting a new company or venture after graduation.
  • 9.1% reported that they were still seeking a job within 180 days of graduating.

Compensation: 39.7% Average Increase in Wages

  • 70.5% of graduates reported pre-bootcamp wages, and of the graduates who obtained employment, 80% of them reported their starting wages.
  • Employed graduates saw $50,798 as the average starting annual compensation.
  • Compared to their pre-bootcamp wages, grads saw a 39.7% average increase in wages or $14,434 average wage increase.  

Time Until Placement

Over 54% of BCA grads reported finding employment within the first two months of their career search. 

Time it took for graduates to find employment:

Between 0-30 Days36.3%Between 31-60 Days18.1%Between 61-90 Days9.0%Between 91-180 Days27.2%After 180+ Days9.0%

Types of Jobs BCA Graduates are Landing

Here are the most common roles BCA graduates get:

  • Web developer: 30%
  • Software support specialist or related role: 30%
  • Programmer or software engineer: 20%
  • Entrepreneur or starting new business: 20%

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