Burlington Code Academy

What We Do

woman wearing Burlington Code Academy t-shirt

The future of work is evolving at the speed of technology, and it’s time for education to keep pace.

When you sign onto a Burlington Code Academy course, you can see what the future of education looks like: students working together to solve complex problems in an environment that mirrors the modern workplace.

With a dedicated staff of expert instructors, technologists, and career strategists, we combine technology education with career training to ensure that you succeed as a team member, a life-long learner, and in your transition to a new career.

Who We Are

Burlington Code Academy was born out of a shared vision to create an accessible technology school that always gives students a return on their investment.

The school has earned a reputation as a leading center for career transformation and technology education. BCA's award-winning education programs emphasize teamwork, career readiness, and the importance of collaborative learning.