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Burlington Code Academy’s collaborative bootcamp courses empower students to solve complex problems with skillsets that employers are looking for.

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Outcomes-Focused Coding & UX Bootcamps

Our course’s stats speak for themselves.

Overall graduation rate

Our robust programs are designed to support students from all backgrounds to succeed in today's tech industry.*

Increase in Wages

UX/UI Graduates saw an average increase of $12,300 in annual compensation and Software Development Graduates saw an average increase of $15,000 in annual compensation.*

Hiring Partners

We partner with growing companies to help our graduates connect with employers that are interested in hiring our students.*

*2018-2021 Outcomes Report is provided by our partner Bootcamp, Upright Education. All outcomes listed on this site are that of Upright Education's. Upright Education and Burlington Code Academy share the same curriculum, instruction, and employer partners.

Our Graduates Have Been Hired By

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Full-Time Bootcamp

Online, Live Instruction

Available Courses:

Software Development Bootcamp
12 Weeks, Full-Time
Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm
Starting from the very basics, this intensive career Bootcamp is designed to train students on the most in-demand coding and computer science skills on an accelerated, 12-week timeline.
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Part-Time Bootcamp

Online, Live Instruction

Available Courses:

Software Development Bootcamp
24 Weeks, Part-Time
Nights and Weekend Hours
Over the course of 24 weeks, this intensive Career Bootcamp teaches learners the programming skills needed to build, test and deploy software applications and leave career ready.
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Part-Time Bootcamp (Flex)

Online, 1:1 Mentorship

Available Courses:

UX/UI Design Bootcamp
24 Weeks, Part-Time (Flex)
Learn On Your Own Schedule
Deep dive into user experience (UX) design and user interface (UI) design in this self-paced Career Bootcamp. Learn the skills needed to land a design job on your own schedule.
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Career Ignition

Online, Live Instruction

Available Courses:

JavaScript After Hours
10 Weeks, Part-Time
Twice Per Week, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
JavaScript After Hours is a 10-week, part-time course hosted during the evening. This course is intended for beginners who want to learn programming fundamentals using JavaScript
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What Our Students Say

Graduated Burlington Code Academy student

"I was constantly challenged, pushed, and my effort was rewarded with a new full-time career. I left a career with masters degree making $55k and in three months (of very hard work) found a remote job making $72k for an entry level position. The course paid for itself and I've never been happier."

– Richard R.
Software Developer, Bootcamp Graduate
Graduated Burlington Code Academy student

"These bootcamps are very new and people are still learning the best methodoligies around teaching them. If you want to learn to code in a short amount of time with a great group of people and avoid the headaches of figuring everything out on your own, this is the best option."

– Gabe N.
College Student, Bootcamp Graduate
Graduated Burlington Code Academy student

"I'm really happy I took Burlington Code Academy. The instruction is top notch, the TA's are great, and the projects are interesting and challenging. The employees of Burlington Code Academy seem to really care about your success during the class and after."

– Eric D.
SEO Consultant, Bootcamp Gradaute
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The Burlington Code Academy Difference

When you peer into a Burlington Code Academy class, you see what the future of education looks like: students working together to solve complex problems in an environment that mirrors the modern workplace.

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